Welcome to Rachel’s Eco Love, your beautiful slice of paradise in Marbella. A sacred space for health, beauty, care, love and effort. Here is where time stops and gives us the chance to look within and take care of ourselves getting away from the everyday noise.

Every dish, every juice and each coffee is elaborated with exclusive products to ensure the well-being of our customers and of all the people who come to our restaurant each day. Our mission is to offer the best experience and to make you feel special.

At Rachel’s Eco Love we value our personal connection, that is what really matters. We focus on small details because they’re the ones that prove that there is magiceverywhere.


Behind Rachel´s Eco Love is Raquel Zamora. Her entrepreneurial spirit, her love for beauty, the wellness world, and her eagerness to take care of the little details, are in everything we see in her restaurants.

Graduated in Advertising and with a clear vocation in the business world, she stands out for creating unique and innovative concepts.

“Do what you love” is her mantra and the key to her success as an entrepreneur.

Raquel says: “I owe my enthusiasm to my father, my own hero that gave me a flower every day and sat one day in front of me and said: “Raquel, anything you do, do it with love”. And that’s why Rachel’s is full of flowers.”