Love what you love… without hesitation!

The legend states that one who acts towards securing other’s well-being has already secured its own.

Maybe that’s why for my father just the gesture of giving me a rose once a week made him happy…

To him a owe my enthusiasm, the man that sat one day in front of me and said: “Raquel, anything you do, do it with love”.

And them came Rachel’s Eco Love, our cult of beauty, care, love and effort. A place where time stops and gives us a truce to look after ourselves, love us, pamper us and get away from the everyday noise.

Every dish, every juice, each coffee is elaborated with exclusive products to ensure the well-being of our customers and of all these people who come to our restaurant each day and who we love to make them feel special.

At Rachel’s Eco Love we value the personal treatment, that is what really matters. We focus on small details because they’re the ones to make us discover that there is magic in all things.

Healthy and ecologic food, natural juices, picnics on the beache, delicious cakes and products to take care of ourselves every day.

The legend states that one who acts towards securing other’s well-being, has already secured it own. Everyone has an hero, someone who exercises the role of guardian angel with infinite strengh! Mine gave me a rose once a week… and now this place is full of them that make me remember those wise words: Do what you love!


Made with fresh raw materials, free of pesticides and chemicals and with lots of love, our dishes conquer diners even before they reach the table.

Raquel Zamora

CEO Rachel's Eco Love

Behind Rachel´s Eco Love is Raquel Zamorano. Her entrepreneurial spirit, his love for beauty and well-being, and his eagerness to take care of the little details, are in everything we see in his restaurants.

Degree in Advertising and with a clear vocation for the business world, she stands out for creating original and innovative concepts, those that make a difference and make her establishments unique places.

"Do what you love" is one of her main slogans and one of the keys to her success as an entrepreneur.